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As a Realtor and a highly visable fishing guide I am uniquely qualified to sell your Rainy Lake property. On a daily basis I am exposed to anglers, families and corporate leaders that are or become passionate about Rainy Lake. Before you list your lake or recreational property with a non-multiple listing company take into consideration:

  • A high percentage of those that step in my boat have the means to readily buy a Rainy Lake vacation home.

  • There is not a nook or cranny that could be bought or sold on Rainy that I am not familer with. In addition to the view, the shoreline features such as water depth, bottom make up, prevailing winds, even close by fishing spots, all add to sales potential.

  • As a Multiple Listing Service Company we have agents from across Minnesota and the region who work with us.

  • I have personally guided multitudes of real estate agents whom I remain in contact with.

  • We pay out nearly half of our listing comission to any other brokerage that sells our listings.We will even pay a commission to a non-MLS company. If you do not wish to list your property but have it available to sell, contact me. A One Time Showing Contract may work for you. Call or email me and I would be happy to come over and look at your property!       



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